What is epartnering, I haven't heard of it before.

John, Sutton Coldfield.
I am a double Chartered Accountant, I have worked in SME and Large International companies, I have had many clients and I have had many business's of my own.

As a company we start out including what we now call our Business Intelligence package and the option of Business Partnering with all of our ecommerce websites.

Some customers just wanted the stripped down, cheapest ecommerce option where they could get on with it with no interference from us. We have the ecommerce only option for £297

Others needed a lot more help. So we have split out the ecommerce website from the more supported functions and made them options.

E-partnering is a possible low cost or even free up front option to those great ideas that need a lot of help. You can use our experience and resources to get your web business up and running on a % commission basis with us as partners in the website income only.

When the agreed partnering fee is collected, then % commission reduces.

The partnering fee will include;
what we agree to spend on AdWords or,
what optional web 2.0 bolt on's we agree are needed etc..

Not all ideas are chosen as I will only help you if I think I can.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
E-Partnership is a risk free way for you to sell your products through one of our websites where we will try to reclaim our costs through a % commission. If there are no sales, then there will be no commission for us, at no risk to you.