This is your dynamic e-commerce website. ~ examples

A dynamic website uses databases to store many products which can be changed, uploaded and edited by you. An e-commerce website can be added to your current website as a new link like the design shop above or as a picture like our shop picture below.

There is a one off fee with 0% sales commission which others may charge.
flash films, moving graphics for adverts, presentations or attractions

A fully functioning e-commerce website. ~ examples

A Dynamic web site is used for displaying and selling many products with product description searches and automated payment capabilities.

Just £497 for a fully functioning ecommerce website with your own control software, so you can load, edit and delete 100's of products quickly and easily with training, support and free updates for the control software included for life.

The platform is easy to use. You can add a product, then copy and edit it to create a second product. Just click on the empty picture icon, browse to your product photo, click upload, enter the price, enter a description, upload your website to the web and your done. I have uploaded a shop with over 100 products in a few hours by copying a similar product and editing it to make a new product, its so easy.

For business start up's, we recommend our Aqua Web Design
Business Intelligence Support Package at an additional £397.

It's worth £1,000+ and it includes all of the help you will ever need;

  1. our help planning your business with a Chartered Accountant
  2. our help designing your website with a content architect
  3. an upgraded version of the ecommerce site and control software
  4. a front end brochure website for maximum SEO,
  5. our annual updating service and
  6. free website hosting if you wish
  7. and a choice of 3 of our £47 bolt-on's, which include;
  8. galleries
  9. forms
  10. flash animations
  11. videos
  12. calendars
  13. sitemaps
  14. music or
  15. multi CSS.
Each product page can include an individual video so there are no excuses. You can display everything your customer needs to know about you, your services and your products, allowing your visitors to buy with confidence.