This is your e-commerce e-partnership. ~ examples

Experienced business partners, experienced mentors, qualified web designers, Chartered level staff, fully supported software and our own hosting servers.

We work out a sales commission 0% that will pay for the services you want.
flash films, moving graphics for adverts, presentations or attractions
This is your e-commerce e-partnership. ~ examples

Our e-partner option may allow you to use a free site paid by a % commission.

For start ups, £0 to low initial cost, 5~15% sales commission on average depending on the products added value, desirability and placement.

Control management software will allow you to add new products or edit and delete existing products. We will host the site on our server so we can offer the maximum support.

A low % commission for a full e-commerce site, supported and hosted with control software to upload, edit and delete your products. We are not interested in your existing sales, so you can just add this new income stream.

Our aim will be to collect the costs for the services that we jointly decide you require. These costs are listed as if you were buying the services. We collect these costs as an agree % commission deduction from the sales of the website.

This is true business partnering. We will trade our skills and develop a new route to market for you at a % cost far less than another shop or campaign.
Not all ideas are chosen.