What is the advantage of having an ecommerce website

Ron, Sheldon.
The main advantage of an ecommerce website is that it puts you in control of what products are displayed, what details are shown and how quickly old products are edited, deleted or new products are added.

You will have the ecommerce management software on your pc which allows you to control the site.

Adding a new product category, a new product and uploading your new pictures is very easy. You are then just 1 button away from uploading this updated website onto the web itself.

You can in 1 evening, have 50+ products with photos being sold on the web. I mean you, you are in control, it is your ecommerce control software and your efforts can be rewarded.

The ecommerce control software is simple, easy to use, it looks great and it comes with free version updates and support for life. There are many 1,000's of happy users and an extensive discussion board streching back years which you can access when you have your licence.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
When I have loaded my products into my ecommerce site,
how soon will it be before I start to see an income.

Ron, Sheldon.
That's the million dollar question.

I don't know yet what your product is,
what competition you have,
what your price point is,
what your business model is,
what is your route to market,
what is your USP, CSF's,

there are so many factors that can determine how busy you may or may not be. An SEO friendly working ecommerce website that you control will not be one of them.

If you can imagine a shop on a quiet side street, well that is your ecommerce website on day 1. You can decorate it, fill it with products and decide the prices, now you need to think about how are you going to get customers into your shop or if you want to move your shop to the high street.

Is this website going to support your existing customers who will recommend you or are you trying to get fresh new traffic?

When you get them there,
are they going to like what they see,
are they going to like the prices etc..

At this point you could decide to use another SEO partner or;

We have 3 options for you;

1, In some competitive markets or if you are an unknown start up and you are trying to gain new customers, you may need to use some advertising like our 200SEO package.

2, We have our Business Intelligence support package which includes our help designing the structure of your ecommerce site, a brochure website, our updating service, free hosting and 3 bolt on options at £47 each, which include galleries, forms, flash animations, videos, calendars, sitemaps, music or multi CSS.

3, We have a Business Partnering option. This will make sure that you are in the best position to have a successful business using the ecommerce website as a sales tool.

We work out together what our fee would be, before we start,
then we take an agreed % commission from the website sales only
to cover our partnering fees. (not all ideas are chosen).

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
An ecommerce shop can be a stand alone site or bolted onto your existing website. Your customers can filter or search through your stock, build up a shopping cart and be passed through to PayPal for example.