How many products could I sell using an e-shop.

Tej, Perry Barr.
Please see this example of an eshop.

We suggest around 1~40 products. Each product will have a coded 'Buy Now' button from PayPal for example. Each button will be for a specific product and for a specific amount. It takes time to code each button and create each new product page.

An eshop website would suite a small range of slow moving items like cars. The page itself can be a template that is filled in easily enough, but for products that are changing frequently, we would suggest an ecommerce site.

If you think each new page could cost £20 and an ecommerce site may cost £300, then if you are going to have 15 new products, you may as well have an ecommerce site, it would be cheaper.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
What is the difference between and eshop and an ecommerce website.

Tej, Perry Barr.
An eshop is designed maximise the exposure of a small range of products. Each page is hard coded, so 40 products would need 40 pages. The site includes our 100SEO package and you can have contact pages, about us pages, etc..

An ecommerce website is used to deal with a large number of products. The products are loaded into a database. The details on 1 page change as the customer chooses different products.

This makes it easier to create websites that can handle say 300 products and in 1 week, delete 50 products and enter 50 new products. The ecommerce management software that you will have on your pc, allows you to add and delete products at your speed, when you want and update your website at will.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
An eshop is your online income strem. Its a brochure website that can display your products take payments. E-shops have the advantages of a brochure, but they can sell & take payments.