This is your online e-shop. ~ examples

The index helps the customers find the right product page quickly.
payments can be taken for individual items using PayPal for example

The product pages must have all of the details the customer needs to say yes.
add on videos or audio presentations
A product sales site or e-shop. ~ examples

A product sales site or e-shop is used just like a shop display, where every possible reason to buy should be displayed. Tables can be used to display details, images, the price, delivery times and the guarantee cover for example.

40 products are displayed for the start up price. New product pages can be added by us at a later date at an agreed charge. So this site would suite a range of products or services that are not going to vary for several years.

Have a look at our used car web sites for 40 cars and imagine your products being displayed with this level of detail in a format that is easy for the customer.

For fast moving or over 25 products we suggest an e-commerce website. You can upload as many of your own products as you wish at no extra charge.

Price; £197 for up to 25 product pages, 10 supporting pages, a theme, your words and your pictures. New product updates are £25 per product.
£297 for up to 40 product pages as in our example car showroom.