Is your brochure website what I would call a normal basic website?

Martin, Chelmsley Wood.
We call it a brochure website as it is your chance to showcase and explain your products or services, give your business the impression of quality and display all of your contact details, just as you would with a brochure, except for a lot less money.

You would use a brochure style website when you want to explain your products or services using just text and photos to start with. These brochure websites start at £97 for 10 pages full of your keyword rich content. Each page can be a long as you want it to be.

Other customer oriented bolt on web 2.0 features can be added later to make you site more interesting.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
So how can I generate sales leads using a brochure style website.

Martin, Chelmsley Wood.
I would always start by explaining your products or services, answering all of the questions that your customers may need answering, like size, weight, quality, price, delivery, time etc.. in order to buy. Ask yourself, would I buy if I was only told the information in front of me, or would I look somewhere else.

I usually look for 1 page per product and a minimum of 1,000 words of explanation per product or service. You stand a good chance of including all of the keywords about your product or sevice this way, 'naturally' within sentences.

You will then want to display the area you trade in and your contact details.

These websites are designed with our 100SEO, a 100 point search engine optimisation package to help the website rank naturally.

In some competitive markets, extra advertising may be required such as our 200SEO package.

Steve, Aqua Web Design.
Brochure websites are designed to display your message, rank in search engines and gather enquiries .
This is a short video about our brochure web design service.