Video Marketing.

Video marketing requires some equipment, expertise and practice. It looks easy until you try it. We can write, film, present and edit your videos for you.

This is an unusual approach and may be the difference in competitive markets.
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Video Marketing.

Video & Picture Marketing includes sites like YouTube, Picasa and Pinterest as well as your own websites videos.

Google prioritises this form of communication as it helps the customer understand what you do and how you can help them.

Services include video response, video title writing, description writing, backlink building within video descriptions, video keyword tagging, video commenting, board creating, tagging, pinning, and profile following.

Video Marketing services can be switched on and off on a monthly basis.

You will receive access to monthly reports that show you if the services are working for you. You can leave the services on, or switch them off, it's your choice.

The results can vary dramatically and no promises are made in advance.