A full site re-design and new theme. ~ examples

This could be your existing site on another server which you would like updating to include new web 2.0 features and our 100 SEO* package.

Your current text and pictures can be used or changed.
add on videos or audio presentations
A full site re-design and new theme.. ~ examples

Unlike a new site, components that are working for you on your existing site are kept, but the theme can be changed.

Optional bolt-on's and additional features can be added.

The site can be updated at the same time and our 100 SEO* is included.

Your existing words and pictures can be kept or edited.

An overnight change can be made to reduce the impact on your customers.

For a new modern site which is rich in WEB 2.0 features and SEO compliant.

Our Price is £97 for a 10 page site with a theme, using your words, phone numbers, email links and supporting pictures.

Optional extra's include our bolt-on pages like passwords, galleries, forms, sitemaps, calendars, music, live chat, videos & flash effects.