PPC or Pay Per Click, or Google advertising.

PPC can allow you to be seen on page 1 within a short space of time by paying for the position. You may wish to use this in addition to ranking naturally.

Some keywords can carry a premium in competitive markets.
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PPC or Pay Per Click, or Google advertising.

PPC or Pay Per Click is a Google AdWords campaign may allow you to appear in the top or right hand sections of the Google search results within a day. Some keywords can be valuable and some companies will out-bidding each other for position.

PPC can include A/B Ad copy split-testing, Geo-targeting, Ad scheduling, AdWords Campaign Experiments Tests, Budget Management, Keyword Bid Management, Negative Keyword Research and much more.

PPC services can be switched on and off on a monthly basis.

You will receive access to monthly reports that show you if the services are working for you. Whilst the services are performing, leave them on, or switch them off, it's your choice.

The results can vary dramatically and no promises are made in advance.