Add a sitemap to your web site. ~ examples

There is a choice of designs which can be changed to make them unique.
We have a selection of design ideas available for you to view.

These options can be bolted onto your existing website.
bolt on e commerce shop option to your existing web site
Add a sitemap to your web site. ~ examples

Sitemaps, true web 2.0 features. Enhanced SEO for Google.

A page of links to your site, which visibly explains how your site is organised,
(and makes you organise your site). We also use an XML sitemap for Google submission.

Better search engine visibility in just a few clicks. Sitemaps are a great SEO tool. They give you a way to stand up and say, “Hey, search engines! Over here! Check out my site.” And sitemaps are also a great usability tool. They give your visitors a secondary navigation option, not to mention a peek at how your website is structured.

When you add a sitemap, your search engine ranking will thank you. That’s because search engine spiders have an easier time of indexing websites with comprehensive sitemaps.

£47.00 for a HTML web navigation page and a XML submission page.