Add password control to your website ~ an example ~ our video

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bolt on e commerce shop option to your existing web site
Add password control to your website ~ an example ~ our video

When it comes to password-protecting the members-only areas of your website, .htaccess files are the way to go. Unfortunately, they’re also really complicated. The interface is easy to use, setting up members-only areas is fast.

Redirect users to different areas of your website, custom error pages, block spammers and bad bots and set specific period expiration dates for users.

This option allows you to send e-mails to your users with predefined e-mail templates for lost logins, expired account warnings, and new passwords.

Block Users with airtight protection, spammers and hackers are banned. The interface workspace is intuitive and easily customisable, which means you can enable password protection quickly.

Simple password protection locks part of your website off. Complex allows you to control your site with access levels using control software.

£47.00 for simple and £197.00 for complex including control software.