Add licence free music to your web site. ~ examples

There are a choice of designs which can be changed to make them unique.
We have a selection of design ideas available for you to view.

These options can be bolted onto your existing website.
bolt on e commerce shop option to your existing web site
Add licence free music to your web site. ~ examples

True web 2.0 features.

Can be a narration or music. Players can allow forward, back, play, pause or additional move to part of the track feature with some.

Provide your customers with a background theme. Includes a choice of royalty free tunes just like the Aqua Web Design site. Add as many songs to your music player as you want at roughly £2 per song.

Please note: We feel that your website is basically an extension of your home, as long as no copies of the music are made. Since the visitors to your website will not be downloading or copying the files, you are within your rights to share the listening experience.

We will give you a licence for the royalty free music we provide you with.

£47.00 for a player and 2 royaly free tunes from a wide selection.