Add live chat support to your web site. ~ examples

There are a choice of designs which can be changed to make them unique.
We have a selection of design ideas available for you to view.

These options can be bolted onto your existing website.
bolt on e commerce shop option to your existing web site
Add live chat support to your web site. ~ examples

True web 2.0 features.

Enhanced SEO with Google.

Offer the ultimate in customer experiences by allowing
live customer feedback.

Your customers will be impressed with your service
when you help them live and online.

This is a free chat capability that uses the web so you can send free messages
to a customer and your customer can send messages to you in real time.

You can chat to many contacts at once. You can track several conversations,
whilst your individual customers are only aware of your chatter.

£197.00 for training, software, multi customer channels & admin control